I am a multi disciplined illustrator from India, currently working and living in Dublin. I develop conceptual illustrations for advertising campaigns, products, editorial, children’s books and one off commissions from around the world.

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Sean Tuckey


Sean Tuckey is a photographer and he views his role simply: to evoke an emotional response through the beauty, or content of his photography. He is obsessively self taught and he’s had sit-ins and picked the brains of some truly incredible photographers.

When did you first start photographing?

As a child I claimed the family trip documentation job using my Dad’s Nikon film camera which I still use to this day. I’ve been trying to tell stories ever since.


What are the challenges of being a photographer?

Finding your niche and style when you start off is a tough journey. Your style constantly changes and finding your creative homepage is one of the tougher parts of photography. But it is well worth the toil.


How do you manage the balance between work and your own creative pursuits?

I’m a firm believer that as a creative person, your role is to bring that creativity to any ‘job’ you’re in. I don’t really balance anything, I just try to think as creatively as I can.

In terms of the split my photographic creativity and ‘normal’ work; I set aside time to conceptualize shoot ideas, and work toward somehow bringing that to life. It’s not always an efficient process, if I’m honest. I’m sitting on hours of unshared ideas. But, all in time.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere. Literally. Although, natural beauty is my go to. I read a lot, and actively follow my ‘hero’ photographers.

Foma Pan Profi 200 Asa

Tell us about the journey that made you the photographer you are today?

My journey has been a bit ad-hoc and unofficial. I haven’t studied officially, but I’ve made a big effort to connect with photographers at the top of their game globally. I love to pick their brain and get their feedback.

What is your favourite type of photography to work on?

I love the process of trying to convey a message through still frames. It’s actually really difficult to do and I love that challenge. We hear so much these days about story telling, and then experience images that are beautiful but incredibly vague.

I enjoy photography where the projects have to be understood and their message revealed on an intellectual level. Photojournalism is my home page, and I feel like my creative process unravels from that approach.


Is there anything you are currently working on?

I have a bunch of projects that can only be described as mini photo essays waiting for their stories to be written.

I also have a fine art type project which I’m adding content to daily, I’m documenting and visually commenting on the state of being in Delhi, where I live. I’ve tentatively called it ‘Habitual Tense’. It’s still a work in progress.


What does your workflow look like?

When I’m shooting, I like to get the obvious shots out of the way as soon as possible. I call these ‘post card’ shots. Once they’re out of my system, I feel I can genuinely see the subject with fresh perspective.

Efficiency and backups are the main drives in my digital workflow. I shoot for the edit, which means out of the camera my images look very flat. I back up and backup and backup everything.

When I use film I’m a lot more hands on, I develop all my negatives myself. I scan them and catalogue them digitally.


What is the message you want to get across to people with your art?

I’d like my project to provoke a reaction in the viewer. My message is basically “think bigger than yourself”, always.

Is there any insight or words of advice you would like to give to help others on their creative journey?

Talk to photographers, artists and writers. Always ask questions. I’ve found someone who is brutally honest, my wife. Before any of my work is delivered, she gives it a quick once over. She has made my photography so much better, she’s my version of quality control. I would suggest any serious photographer or creative person finds an objective view on their art.


Are there any creatives you are a fan of that you think deserve some exposure?

Not so unknown lately, but Danelle Bohane’s work constantly inspires me. Otherwise, I love the work of Joey L, his colouring is the best of the best.

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